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When it comes to “Art” meeting “Function” it only takes a glance to see William Henry is heavy on the “Art”.  But don’t make the error of assuming they are so handsome that they must be light on function.  

William Henry’s knives are not only highly collectible show pieces, they are also robust high performance tools.  

For example; In an industry where blade edge hardness of 58-59 Rockwell is typical, 61 is considered extreme performance and 63 is off the top of the chart for most manufacturers, William Henry’s ZDP-189 core blades are a screaming 66-67 Rockwell which delivers 10 times the edge retention of typical ATS34 steel blades.

Combine this with a strong reliable button lock and ergonomics that feel right in the hand and you have what William Henry calls “Functional Art” that is made to be carried, collected and coveted.

Not only may a William Henry knife become your favorite knife to carry but is also sure to become a valuable family heirloom with its embodiment of precious materials, timeless styling, and hours upon hours of skilled craftsmanship.   

The Knife Room at Branson Tractor South has been proudly representing William Henry’s fine knives since 2005.

William Henry  Heavy on Art  Heavy on Function The Knife Room at Branson Tractor South 4416 Groometown Road, Greensboro NC 27407 336-303-1084 Email: info@thekniferoom.com

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