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Rick Hinderer Knives  Manufactured in Ohio

Rick Hinderer Knives is a family owned business in Shreve Ohio.  This small group of family and friends turns out knives that are respected by many as the best hard use tactical folders in the world.  

So great is the demand for these high performance titanium frame lock folding knives that they remain out of stock most of the time at Hinderer dealers.  

In addition to knives they also produce Tactical Pens and aesthetic upgrade accessories for their knives.

With this great success it would go to the heads of some people, but I must say that Rick Hinder and his staff are among the nicest and kindest people I’ve met.

They are a true American success story for which I’m proud to be a dealer.

One other thing that tends to follow success in this industry is plagiarism. Many of the Chinese fakes look very convincing in pictures. Protect yourself from paying hundreds for a cheap fake by purchasing from an authorized Hinder dealer.

The Knife Room at Branson Tractor South 4416 Groometown Road, Greensboro NC 27407 336-303-1084 Email: info@thekniferoom.com