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For my self and many others Benchmade Knife Company was our first introduction to quality modern knives.  25 years ago it seems as if many of the well known pocket knife companies believed the knife had evolved as far as it could evolve.  Instead of pursuing “better” they pursued “cheaper”.  Benchmade did just the opposite.  From design, to materials, to manufacturing precision, Benchmade never became content and have never given up on building a better knife tomorrow.  

When it comes to a well designed, well made knife from top grade materials and manufactured in the USA, there is no more solid value than a Benchmade knife.

Despite their huge success and corporate size of a few hundred employees they still remain a family business.  At SHOT in LasVegas where the major manufacture’s booths are several thousand square feet each staffed with dozens of corporate staff, the Benchmade booth while also huge and staffed with dozens, I have witnessed also being staffed with company founder: Les de Asis, Wife: Roberta de Asis, and Son: Jon de Asis.  They not only sell the well made knives I want to buy, but they are the kind of people from which I want to buy.

- Alan Carroll

The Knife Room at Branson Tractor South has proudly represented Benchmade Knives since 2003 and stocks nearly every model that Benchmade manufacturers.  

The Knife Room at Branson Tractor South 4416 Groometown Rd, Greensboro NC 27407 336-303-1084 Email: info@thekniferoom.com
Home Benchmade Emerson Rick Hinderer William Henry